Kelliesha White

Global Brand & Cultural Impact Manager, Depop

Kelliesha White is the Brand & Cultural Impact Manager at Depop. She is at the core of youth culture, bringing insights into the wider business and constantly challenging the business to ask the question ‘Why should our communities care?’. Her previous clients span the lifestyle sector including Smartwater, Pernod Ricard, Ellesse, Bumble, adidas, Reebok & more where she helped them connect with their audience through an authentic lens putting the communities at the heart of the work. Always bringing a different perspective into the room she has been praised for using her life experience as a tool to widen the cultural peripheral of those who collaborate with her, as she believes being a marketer means “you have to be a people person, you have to know how to connect with people”.

Kelliesha has delivered talks on cultural & inclusive marketing at Loreal group, London College of Fashion, Fashion Retail Academy, BIMA, Samsung, Good innovation & more. After recently winning the prestigious Patricia Mann awards at the WACL Awards 2021/22 Kelliesha is set to be a provoking thought leader in marketing & communications where she will continue to pass the baton to those coming up behind her, pushing the industry forward

Session: Thinking outside of the box - how can brands be noticeable in an era of endless creativity?