Siteplug Nucleus

Nucleus by Siteplug Nucleus 

Nucleus is an automation platform for commerce publishers to revolutionize the way they monetize content. It provides,

1. Automated decisions: Creating an auction for every click-out between CPA, CPS, and CPC partners.

2. Consolidated reporting: Aggregating revenues from multiple demand partners in one simplified dashboard.

3. Smart widgets: Customizable plug-and-play widgets to drive up consumer engagement by automatically adjusting the merchant’s name, price, availability, product rating, and discount percentage. 

Nucleus unlocks the true power of merchant link monetization and helps publishers earn up to 100% higher EPCs.

SitePlug by Siteplug Nucleus

SitePlug is trusted by leading brands, has partnerships with over 10,000 unique content and coupon publishers, and has integrations with key affiliate platforms. Today, brands drive over a billion dollars in incremental revenue by leveraging SitePlug’s key-performance products,

Site Discover, Site Direct, and Site Suggest achieving higher ROI.