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PMW Unlocked 2024: A Recap of Innovation and Insight

Last week, the PMW Unlocked brought together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from across the marketing sector for an exhilarating exploration of the latest trends and strategies in performance marketing. From insightful keynote speeches to engaging panel discussions, the event was a testament to the dynamism and evolution of the digital marketing landscape.

Day One Highlights:

Troy Hawke, the charismatic master of ceremonies and TikTok royalty, welcomed attendees with flair and kicked off PMW 2024 with infectious energy. The conference started with the keynote address by Ibrahim Kamara, a renowned digital entrepreneur, and founder of GUAP. Kamara shed light on the importance of authenticity and trust in today's digital-first world, emphasising the need for businesses to forge genuine connections with their audience. Throughout the day, attendees were treated to a series of captivating presentations and fireside chats, covering a wide range of topics, from optimising performance in the face of evolving digital challenges to leveraging data for strategic advantage.

One of the standout sessions was a panel discussion titled "From eCommerce to s, m, and cCommerce - what’s next?" This session provided valuable insights into the future of online commerce, with industry experts sharing their predictions and perspectives on emerging trends and innovations. Another highlight was a fireside chat on affiliate marketing technology, featuring Natasha Phillips, the former Global Head of Affiliates and Partnerships at The Body Shop. Phillips offered practical insights into mastering tagging and tracking, pixels, cookies, and APIs, providing attendees with actionable strategies for enhancing their affiliate marketing efforts. 

After a day filled with insightful discussions and networking, attendees unwound at the PMW 2024 after-party, where industry connections were strengthened over music, drinks, and lively conversations. The vibrant atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for new relationships and celebrating the successes of the day.

Day Two Highlights

As the sun rose on day two of PMW Unlocked, attendees were greeted with anticipation and excitement for another day packed with innovation and insights. The agenda promised a plethora of engaging sessions and discussions, covering everything from audience engagement strategies to the evolving landscape of data analytics. 

The day began with opening remarks from the PMW Editorial Team, setting the stage for insightful conversations. Attendees were welcomed by Robin Langford, Lucy Shelley, Joseph Arthur, Jyoti Rambhai, and Reem Makari, signalling the start of a day filled with exploration and learning. The morning's keynote session, "Understand, Engage and Grow Your Audiences," featured Grace Andrews, Marketing Director of Steven Bartlett’s The Diary Of A CEO, sharing expertise on building meaningful connections with audiences. Moderated by Lucy Shelley, Tech Editor at Campaign, the session offered invaluable insights into audience understanding and engagement strategies.

Following this, Kevin Joyner, Director of Data Strategy at Croud, delivered a keynote on "Profitable Applied Analytics: how to make data matter." Joyner provided actionable insights into leveraging data to drive business success, covering smart budget reallocation, media planning, and enhancing the customer experience. Sessions across various tracks offered cutting-edge insights and strategies, including paid media, AI, tech, data, and creator stages. Topics ranged from the rising prominence of commerce media to the implications of AI in influencer marketing. The conference concluded with a panel discussion predicting future digital marketing trends. PMW 100 Powerlist members shared insights and predictions, offering attendees a glimpse into the industry's future.

As PMW Unlocked draws to a close we turn our heads to 2025, a year where we are already looking at how to grow Unlocked even more. With over 1500 people signed up for 2024 get your name on the list now to get all the details as they drop.

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